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Server Software Information 

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Operating System: FreeBSD

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for x86 compatible processors, including Pentium. It is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large team of individuals.

Web Daemon: Apache
Apache continues to be the most popular web server software in the world. Surveys by Netcraft found that more Web servers were using Apache than any other software. Apache, and its derivatives, are run on over 50% of all web domains on the Internet.

Secure Web Daemon: Apache / mod_ssl / OpenSSL
The Apache / mod_ssl / OpenSSL combination allows SSL (secure socket layer) transfer of web page data using an open source system. Used in combination with a secure certificate you can achieve secure data transfer via the Internet.

Secure Certificates: GeoTrust
With GeoTrust QuickSSL web server certificates, you can start conducting secure online transactions with confidence, quickly and cost effectively. By activating the browser's "LOCK" icon, QuickSSL enables up to 256-bit encryption and assures online visitors that confidential information and transactions cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. And because our authentication system is the most advanced in the industry, your customers and trading partners can be sure that GeoTrust certificates are only issued to fully authorized recipients. QuickSSL certificates are issued off of one of the world’s most trusted roots. They deliver ubiquitous recognition with leading servers and 99%+ web browser recognition. Of course, we can host any secure certificate including those issued by Verisign anfd Thawte.

E-Commerce Solution: Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant Miva Merchant is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Multiple stores can be maintained by one central administrator or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. The software is organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core system. Developers can use the browser based interface to build stores or can get "under the hood" with complete access to the underlying source codes written in XML based Miva Script. Merchants manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface. For full details on Miva Merchant, click HERE.

Miva Merchant Demo A great interactive demo is available for Miva Merchant. This demo is hosted on the Miva Corporation web site, so slowness that you incur (if any) is not related to WSO and is not indicative of WSO's speed. Both the storefront (user interface) and the administration system have demos available, but the administration demo is functionally limited for obvious reasons. Please check it out by clicking HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer a low cost alternative to purchasing a Miva Merchant license (Normally $495!). Our Commerce Plus account comes bundled with Miva Merchant. This will reduce your startup costs significantly but won't exclude any Miva Merchant features.

Scripting Language: Miva Script
Miva Miva Script makes building dynamic, data driven web pages as easy as HTML. Quickly develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent. The Miva engine runs on the web server, interprets the Miva Script tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva Script to output Javascript and other browser languages. Use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data. Anyone that knows HTML can use Miva Script. All our accounts (except the FP Only) come with pre-installed Miva Script sample applications.

Scripting Language: Perl
Perl is an interpreted language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It is also widely used as a web based language for dynamic HTML creation and processing. We always keep the newest "stable" version available and have all of the common modules already installed. If you find you need a module we don't have, we'll install it for you, just let us know.

Scripting Language: PHP
PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language...and it's free!

Log File Processing: Analog
Analog isn't flashy. It barely uses any graphics at all, but it is "The most popular logfile analyzer in the world". And there is a reason for that. It is fast, accurate, and completely customizable. Analog outputs a mostly text analysis of your logs files. It shows you hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly stats, last 7 days stats, host reporting, referrer reporting, browser reporting and more!

Database Software: mySQL
mySQL is a small, fast and capable relational database in the tradition of Hughes Technologies Mini SQL database. The mySQL database package contains no Mini SQL source code, it does however share some of the same look and feel both in the C API and in the names and function of many of its programs. This has been done to make it relatively easy to port Mini SQL applications and utilities to mySQL. mySQL is highly supported by its users in the Internet community.

Graphical Hit Counters: WWW Count

WWW Count is a page access (hit) counter. This program is considered to be one of the most configurable access counters on the web. WWW Count can be used to display the time and/or date of any place as well. It even has a built in feature that stops people from hitting reload over-and-over thus increasing your counter. We always have the newest non-beta release available. Click HERE to see the current list of available counter fonts.

Control Panel: WSO SupportCenter

With every account comes access to the WSO SupportCenter where you receive personalized account support. An array of "Tech Support" articles as well as utilities to change your log rotation settings, edit your e-mail aliases, check your disk space usage, and view your account information. This is not generic "fill-in-the-blank" support, our tech support articles are dynamically generated so that examples are shown using YOUR account information.

We have exclusive utilities available like CounterMaker. Just fill out the easy form and automatically produce the HTML to create counters, clocks, and date displays for your web pages. Take a look at all the available styles we have (more added frequently). SecureView allows you to securely view the contents of any file in your web space, even if you don't own your own secure certificate! All this and more is available in the WSO SupportCenter, accessed with an assigned UserID and Password through any standard browser.

Lots More!
We have lots of other software installed as well such as, PGP, cgiwrap, form_mail and many others.

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
For current information about WSO please visit our new site.