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"Web Space Outlet" is located in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, USA. We are just a few miles from State College, which is the home of Penn State University, but we are not affiliated with PSU.


Web Space Outlet
196 Faith Circle
Boalsburg, PA 16827


(814) 861-6010


Use this address for reporting mail or other WSO server abuse.

Use this address for questions or inquires regarding DNS (Domain Name Service) through WSO. Questions relating to InterNIC, Network Solutions or other NIC registries are appropriate.

Use this address for billing related questions and general payment information. Any e-mail invoices will be sent from this address as well.

Use this address for general questions, comments, or inquires not defined using the other addresses.

Use this address for questions relating to content restrictions or general web hosting policies.

Use this address for sales related issues such as billing arrangements, renewal inquires, etc.

Use this address if your account has the Palace chat software installed and you have questions about it.

Use this address for all technical support questions that relate directly to the functionality of your account.

Customers with questions relating to HTML coding, CGI (or perl) coding, or other issues not directly related to the basic functionality of your account should consult our technical support section for recommended reference sites on such topics. Or, of course, just do a Google search.

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