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What is Miva Merchant?

Miva Merchant Miva Merchant is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Multiple stores can be maintained by one central administrator or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. The software is organized as a series of modules that can be upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core system. Developers can use the browser based interface to build stores or can get "under the hood" with complete access to the underlying source codes written in XML based Miva Script. Merchants manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface. Full information can be obtained from the Miva Corporation web site by clicking HERE.

Full Active Miva Merchant Demo

Miva Merchant Demo A great interactive demo is available for Miva Merchant. This demo is hosted on the Miva Corporation web site, so slowness that you incur (if any) is not related to WSO and is not indicative of WSO's speed. Both the storefront (user interface) and the administration system have demos available, but the administration demo is functionally limited for obvious reasons. Please check it out by clicking HERE.

What do I need to use Miva Merchant?

We offer a low cost alternative to purchasing a Miva Merchant license (Normally $595!). Our Commerce Plus account comes bundled with Miva Merchant. This will reduce your startup costs significantly but won't exclude any Miva Merchant features.

Miva Merchant includes just about everything you need to setup an on-line storefront. Most customers will want their store to be in secure mode when the user goes to checkout. This is accomplished by having a secure certificate installed on the domain where your store is hosted. WSO customers can use our shared secure server for free! We even pre-install Miva Merchant already configured to use the free secure server.

Miva Merchant Full Documentation and Reference Guides

Click HERE for full documentation and reference guide to Miva Merchant.

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