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Miva Script Information 

What is Miva?

Miva Corporation is a company. Miva Script is a great programming language (it was called HTMLscript in the past). Most often Miva Script "the language" is referred to just as "Miva". Miva Empresa is the server-side (our side) engine that interprets and executes the Miva Script language for use within your web site. Miva Mia is a FREE desktop version of the Miva engine that can run on your Windows machine allowing you to test and develop applications off-line.

Miva Script makes building dynamic, data driven web pages as easy as HTML. Quickly develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent. Miva runs on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva to output Javascript and other browser languages. Use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data. Anyone that knows HTML can use Miva.

Miva tags are completely XML compliant and include tags like:

How does Miva Script work?

The Miva Empresa engine operates as a pre-processor for CGI that interprets HTML and Miva Script tags. It reads the Miva Script document and looks for tags that it knows about, all other tags are output as they are found. This is similar in concept to the way that a browser "ignores" tags that it doesn't know about. Special precautions have been taken to ensure compatibility with browser tags -- even if a browser vendor implements exactly the same tag. Because Miva is server and browser independent, you can freely mix HTML and Miva code in a Miva document. As a matter of fact, you can even create HTML code on-the-fly!

How fast is Miva Script?

Miva is quite fast! A lot of Miva's performance depends on the server it is running on, and we are one of the fastest Miva enabled hosting services in the business.

What about sample applications?

All our accounts (except the FP Only) come with Miva Script and seven pre-installed sample applications to get you started.

Click on a graphic below to be taken to the sample application page where you can try them out.

What is KoolCat?

KoolCat KoolCat was a first generation catalog storefront system written in Miva Script by Miva Corporation. It is no longer available but has been replaced with a great product called Miva Merchant. Read below for more info on Miva Merchant.

What is Miva Merchant?

Miva Merchant Miva Merchant is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. Multiple stores can be maintained by one central administrator or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. The software is organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core system. Developers can use the browser based interface to build stores or can get "under the hood" with complete access to the underlying source codes written in XML based Miva Script. Merchants manage their stores with a user friendly browser based interface. For full details on Miva Merchant, click HERE.

Miva Merchant Demo A great interactive demo is available for Miva Merchant. This demo is hosted on the Miva Corporation web site, so slowness that you incur (if any) is not related to WSO and is not indicative of WSO's speed. Both the storefront (user interface) and the administration system have demos available, but the administration demo is functionally limited for obvious reasons. Please check it out by clicking HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer a low cost alternative to purchasing a Miva Merchant license (Normally $595!). Our Commerce Plus account comes bundled with Miva Merchant. This will reduce your startup costs significantly but won't exclude any Miva Merchant features.

What is Miva Mia?

Miva Mia Miva Mia runs on your Win95/98 or NT desktop system. Miva Mia is available for free download to all Miva developers who have a Web Space Outlet account. Included with Miva Mia is the suite of template applications, full documentation, and an Administrator'sMiva Mia Free Download Control Panel. The Miva Mia developer edition can also be enabled as a desktop personal web server. Full details on Miva Mia can be found HERE on Miva Corp's web site.

What else can I do with Miva Script?

Here's a short list of examples:
  • our on-line ordering system was created with Miva Script!

  • create a form which prompts a user only for those fields incompletely entered.

  • display text or graphics at specific times of day.

  • create an interactive resume that can list different information according to criteria data entered by the end user.

  • create a searchable list of URLs, i.e. a mini-Yahoo.

  • create a Web page that calls any search engine or database on the web, submits queries and collects (and or manipulates) data on that system and or in the actual Web page.

  • create a sign-up sheet for people to make appointments, with automatic updating of the time slots and dates still available.

  • create sophisticated surveys which immediately tally and display the responses to-date.

  • create interactive guestbooks, games, product lists, and quiz systems.

  • create an online email system that sends, receives, cc's, replies to, deletes, and files email just like a standard email system... only one that's globally accessible from any Web browser instead of from just one computer.

WSO Specific Miva Info

Information for using Miva Script with a WSO account is located in our Tech Support area. You must be a current WSO customer to access the Tech Support area.

Full Documentation and Reference Guides

Click HERE for full documentation and reference guides to Miva Script the programming language.

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