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What is an Extra Domain?

An Extra Domain is an additional domain name that is added to an existing WSO account. An Extra Domain is mainly used for situations where the owner of the main account wants to add another domain without buying another full account. Or if the main owner has clients that they maintain web sites for, but the clients do not need access to the account themselves. So, the main account owner can group the domains under one account (sharing one username) and reduce not only the cost of maintenance, but hassles.

An Extra Domain is setup on the server parallel to any other domains that are installed on your account. An Extra Domain shares some functions/features of your main domain account. These include:

- FTP Access
- Telnet Access
- WSO SupportCenter Access
- Username (files are owned by the main user)
- Disk Space Usage
- IP Address

The features that are unique for an Extra Domain are:

- Web Address (URL)
- HTTP Access
- E-mail Routing
- Microsoft® FrontPage® Access (if installed)
- CGI Execution
- Location of HTML files
- Server Logs
- Some WSO SupportCenter Features

What Are the Costs Involved?

Extra Domains are only available to Virtual Domain and Commerce Plus account owners and are only $5.00 per month. Billing for any Extra Domains you order is aligned with your main account renewal cycle and are paid for together with your main account. An Extra Domain is not a standalone account and individual Extra Domains can not be billed to separate people or addresses, they are owned and paid for by the main account holder.

There is a one-time $20.00 setup fee for each Extra Domain.

If you wish, we can register the domain name you want to use for the Extra Domain for only $20.00 per year (a savings of $15.00 per year over Network Solutions).

If the domain is already registered with another registrar, it can be transferred to WSO for $20.00 and the expiration date of the domain will be extended by one year. Domain registrations are not required to be through WSO. If you choose to keep the domain with your current registrar you will be responsible for updating the domain name record (of course, we will provide you with the necessary information). This is standard procedure since we would actually have no authority to update the domain name records for you if we were not your registrar.

How Do I Order an Extra Domain?

Click HERE to jump to our Order Services page. From there click on the word Add in "Add an Extra Domain to an Existing WSO Virtual Domain Account" or "Add an Extra Domain to an Existing WSO Commerce Plus Account" whichever is appropriate.

Remember, you must be an EXISTING WSO Virtual Domain or Commerce Plus account owner to add an Extra Domain.

Can an Extra Domain be Resold?

Yes. You can purchase an Extra Domain to be added to your main account and then you can bill somebody else any amount you like. But you are responsible for the $5.00 per month charge from WSO, not your client. In addition, you become the "tech support" to your client. If you resell a WSO account, your client should never contact WSO directly for tech support but instead should go through you. If at that point you need help, then you can come to WSO. You are also responsible for making sure your client complies with our standard contract and policy agreements.

Think of it this way. We consider the Extra Domain to be owned by you, not your client. So, if something goes wrong, you are ultimately responsible for your clients actions. This is how all reseller agreements work, even though some hosting companies like to hide that fact.

Extra Domain E-Mail Issues

By default an Extra Domain is setup with an e-mail "catch-all" that puts any mail sent to the domain name into the main users POP account. By using the E-Mail Routing Editor in the SupportCenter, you can create individual aliases that can route e-mail sent to any of your Extra Domains to other e-mail addressees. If you must have a separate POP account for the Extra Domain mail, you can request it.

Extra Domain FTP Issues

If you are using the Microsoft® FrontPage® software to create the web site for your Extra Domain, you probably should not need to use an FTP program. Otherwise, you will use FTP to upload web pages, images, or other files for the web site that you have created on your home computer.

Since an Extra Domain shares the username of the main account, you connect via FTP the same way for an Extra Domain as you do for the main account. For convenience, you can give your FTP program a remote start-up path so when you connect you can be dropping directly into the web home directory of the domain you are connecting to.

Extra Domain SSH/Telnet Issues

Again, since the username is shared, after logging in via SSH/Telnet you will be in your main user home directory. You can then move into any of your Extra Domain specific directories to work on files just for that domain.

Can You Present an Example?

Let's say you have an existing WSO Virtual Domain account called You own another domain name called You'd like to put up a web site on, but don't really need an entire new Virtual Domain account with all the bells-and-whistles. So, you decide to add as an Extra Domain to your existing WSO Virtual Domain account for only $5.00/month. Good deal.

When you log in via FTP to work on, you use the username 'example'. When you want to work on, you'd still log in using the same username (and password), 'example'. But, once you are connected you just have to move into the appropriate directory for the domain you want to work on. In this case, you'd see two of them, '' and ''. Each Extra Domain and your main accounts' web pages are stored in separate directories within you account area, but all of the files are owned by the user 'example'

This means you could not give out the FTP info for just the Extra Domain, because it is the same as the FTP info for your main account. So, you don't want to use an Extra Domain when you need totally separate administration access. But if your setting up the Extra Domain for yourself or for a client that has you do all their site maintenance, then an Extra Domain is perfect and quite convenient.

If you use Microsoft® FrontPage® you do get totally separate access because of the way FrontPage publishes content. It doesn't connect using FTP, it publishes using HTTP. So, each Extra Domain can have totally separate FrontPage access without the ability to change or affect any other Extra Domains, or the main account.

Are There Any Limitations?

There are no limits on the number of Extra Domains that can be added to an existing main account. But, there are some functionality limitations, these include:

- You can not add the Miva Merchant e-commerce system to an Extra Domain, instead you would need to get a Commerce Plus account.

- You can not host a Palace chat server on an Extra Domain account.

- Although you can have separate FrontPage access to an Extra Domain, you do not have separate FTP and Telnet access (see above).

NOTE: If one of these limitations requires you to get another full WSO account, you can take advantage of our multiple account discounts.

How Do I Order an Extra Domain?

Click HERE to jump to our Order Services page. From there click on the word Add in "Add an Extra Domain to an Existing WSO Virtual Domain Account" or "Add an Extra Domain to an Existing WSO Commerce Plus Account" whichever is appropriate.

Remember, you must be an EXISTING WSO Virtual Domain or Commerce Plus account owner to add an Extra Domain.

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