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WSO Newsletter - September 2003

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
September 2003                                        ISSUE: 072

-> Highlights
                       FTP FEATURE EDITION
                       FTP FEATURE EDITION

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-> ARTICLE #1: What is FTP? ====================================

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, one of the standard
protocols defined for the Internet. It is a client/server based
protocol, whereby a client program on one system, usually your
PC, sends requests to a server program on another system, an FTP
site, and receives replies from the site.

FTP allows the fastest and safest means of file transfers on the
Internet. [Reference: WS_FTP Help File]

All WSO account types have FTP access except for FP Only.

-> ARTICLE #2: Dreamweaver FTP Uploading Issue =================

Dreamweaver, and some other programs, have built-in FTP
features. In Dreamweaver's case, it is quite picky. If you are
having trouble and can't get Dreamweaver to create new
directories, you may need to change the folder where you tell
Dreamweaver to upload your files.

For example, you might be using something like this:

Instead, remove the beginning part and use this:

Obviously, substitute your username and your domain address in
the examples above.

This should instantly fix your uploading problems. This issue
may also affect other FTP programs. If you are having trouble,
try the trick above, it might just solve your problem.

-> ARTICLE #3: ASCII vs. Binary FTP ============================

One of the biggest causes of strange and hard to find errors
involves how you upload files.  FTP programs (like WS_FTP) can
transfer files in two modes, ASCII and Binary. The following is
a quick guide to choosing the correct mode:

ASCII transfer mode:
Used for TEXT file transferring. The end of line character is
different on different type of computers; using ASCII mode will
insure that the end of line character is translated properly.
HTML files, text files, PHP scripts, Perl scripts and Palace
.pat files are some examples of files that must be transferred
in ASCII or Text mode.

Binary transfer mode:
Used for non-TEXT file transferring. Executable programs, word
processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, graphics files,
sound files, and Palace prop files are some examples of files
that must be transferred in BINARY mode.

Auto Detect transfer mode (WS_FTP):
When this option is selected, all files will be transferred in
binary mode unless the extension is found in the WS_FTP.EXT file
and then the file will be transferred in ASCII mode. You can add
extensions in the ASCII Extensions dialog box from within
WS_FTP, check the help file.

Some FTP programs will try to guess the correct mode based on
the filename extension, like .gif or .txt. This is usually
called something like "Auto Mode".

-> ARTICLE #4: Passive Mode ====================================

If you are experiencing slowness or hangs when using FTP, try
turn on "Passive Mode" in your FTP programs settings.

Turn this on if you want your PC to establish the data
connection to the FTP site instead of the site establishing the
data connection to your PC. This is recommended for most FTP
sites, and it is absolutely necessary for some firewall and
gateway configurations and when you get failed data channel
errors. Note, however, that not all FTP sites support passive
mode. [Reference: WS_FTP Help File]

-> ARTICLE #4: SFTP/SSH ========================================

SSH (Secure Shell) is a security application that allows you to
make a secure connection to a server that has the SSH program
installed.  Where FTP servers usually 'listen' on port 21 for
connection, SSH servers use port 22. Connecting via SFTP/SSH
will cause a slight slowdown in your transfer speeds, but you
password and all data transferred between you can the server
will be encrypted.

Not all FTP programs can connect via SFTP/SSH. Also some FTP
programs claim to have this feature, but it is implemented
poorly (WS_FTP 7.62, for example). If you have a newer FTP
program (WS_FTP 8.0) it is very easy to connect via SFTP/SSH.

Making an SSH connection requires little additional
configuration to new or existing profiles. When creating a new
profile simply change the server type to SFTP/SSH. If editing an
existing site profile:

1. Select the site from your list.
2. Click the Edit button.
3. Select the Advanced dialog.
4. In the Server type pull-down, select SFTP/SSH.
5. Click OK.

When you use that profile to make a connection, the client will
automatically attempt to make an SSH connection on port 22 of
the server. [Reference: WS_FTP Help File]

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