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WSO Newsletter - July 2002

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
July 2002                                             ISSUE: 058

-> Highlights
        1. Clean Up Your FrontPage Web Site
        2. Quick Miva Merchant Tips and Tricks

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-> ARTICLE #1: Clean Up Your FrontPage Web Site ================
---> Relevant for all WSO FrontPage Users ======================

If you are a FrontPage user you might not realize this, but if
you don't publish your site changes "just right" often old
content gets left behind. Things like old HTML pages and
especially old, unused graphics.  There is a way to find these
and delete them. This will reduce your disk space usage and
give you a nice squeaky clean feeling as well.

Open up FrontPage and connect directly to your web site on the
server, not your local copy. The instructions below are for the
newest version FrontPage 2002, which is also included in
Microsoft Office XP Pro. The instructions should be similar for
other versions of FrontPage as well.

Connect to the Internet, then Start the FrontPage program.

Click FILE on the menu then choose "Open Web..."

Beside the label "Folder (or Web) Name:" enter your web site
address, including the "http://" part, then click open. You may
have to press open one more time if just a list of files appears
in the same open web box.

Type in your FrontPage username and password. 

Once it is all loaded, from the View menu, choose
Reports -> Unlinked files. The report will take a little while
to build.

Now closely examine the files that are displayed. All of these
files are not linked to any web page in your whole site.
Probably they were at one time, but you've updated pages and
links and probably didn't need them any more.

FrontPage should (if you publish using "Changed pages only")
warn you that you have files on your remote web that are not on
your local web and ask if you want to remove them. But it isn't
very good about doing this.  So, you are left with lots of
unused files sitting around using up disk space. Then again, if
you never removed them form your local web, then it is just
going to keep republishing them.

Back to your Unlinked files list. You can right click on the
file name and choose Open to see what the file is and confirm
that it isn't in use somewhere.  If the file isn't being
displayed or used in your site, you can then delete it if you
like. Remember, if these files exist on your local (home) copy
also, you must remove them from there before you publish again
or they will just be published back.

You can also try removing them from your local (home) copy first
and then republish. Be sure you are publishing "Changed pages
only." FrontPage should ask you if you want to remove them from
the web site on the server if they no longer exist on your local

Another good report is the "Site Summary" where you can look at
lots of other reports. Broken hyperlinks is another good one to
check out.

When done, take the time to Recalculate your HyperLinks. This
will help to keep everything sorted and in the proper place
(at least in the mind of FrontPage!). Do a recalc on your home
copy and also on the remote copy while you are connected
directly to the version on the server.

Choose: Tools, Recalculate HyperLinks

-> ARTICLE #2: Quick Miva Merchant Tips and Tricks =============
---> Relevant for WSO Miva Merchant Customers ==================

Here are a few tips and tricks if you are a Miva Merchant user:

- Every few days (depending on how many visitors you get to
your store) remember to delete expired shopping baskets, pack
the store data files and then pack the domain data files. This
can really speed up a store.

- When you delete expired shopping baskets, choose NOT to
recover order numbers. This will ensure that new orders will
always have a larger order number than previous orders.

- When choosing options in Miva Merchant, always wait until you
receive a response from Miva Merchant. This will keep you from
running overlapping commands, like when packing databases. If
you are not sure Miva Merchant is still working, just check the
logo in the top right corner of your browser. If you use
Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you should see a waving flag
in the corner. If the flag is waiving that means the browser
is still waiting for a response from Miva Merchant. If the flag
is not waving, and Miva Merchant hasn't told you that the task
is complete, you can assume that you mis-clicked and try again.

- Version 4.13 is currently the newest version. If you're using
version 4.x (anything that is 4.0 or newer) you are eligible for
a free upgrade to 4.13.  Some customers who have 3.x versions
may be eligible for a free upgrade if their Miva Merchant
license was registered after 05/01/01. Versions that do not
qualify for a free upgrade can purchase an upgrade to the newest
version for a flat fee of $249.

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    the Web Space Outlet

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