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Recent News - February 1998

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
FEBRUARY 1998                                         ISSUE: 005

-> Highlights
	1. Domain Moves Conclude
	2. Web Space Renaming
	3. FrontPageŽ 98 Now Available!
	4. Two New Account Packages
	5. Free "Non-Virtual" Disk Space
	6. Another New Domain Name Available

	NEXT TIME: Miva, More FrontPageŽ 98 Info, and more...

-> ARTICLE #1: Domain Moves Conclude ===========================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts =================================

Thanks for everyone's patience during the recent domain moves.
We've finally finished moving all the scheduled domains. There
is some big news in this issue, so let's get started.

-> ARTICLE #2: Web Space Renaming ==============================
---> Relevant for Web Space accounts ===========================

To better differentiate between our accounts, we are renaming
what we currently call "Web Space" accounts to "Non-Virtual"
accounts.  We personally do not feel "Non-Virtual" is any more
descriptive than "Web Space" but it has become somewhat of
a standard term in the hosting business.  So, to avoid confusion
we are going to start using Non-Virtual.

This will in no way affect the functionality of your current
Web Space account.

-> ARTICLE #3: FrontPageŽ 98 Now Available =====================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts =================================

Finally! We are happy to now be able to offer the Microsoft
FrontPageŽ 98 extensions to you.  In light of this we are
creating a new account package called "FrontPageŽ Only".

At a base price of only $6.95 per month FrontPageŽ 98 users
have full publishing access to their accounts from the
FrontPageŽ 98 client program.  See the next article for more
information regarding the new FrontPageŽ Only account, as
well as our new Budget Commerce account. 

If you would like to activate the FrontPageŽ 98 extensions on
your existing Non-Virtual (Web Space) or Virtual Domain account,
go to the following web page and select the Add Services option
for your *current* respective account type.  There is a one-time
$10.00 set-up fee (sorry!).

WSO Order Services Web Page:

-> ARTICLE #4: Two New Account Packages ========================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts  ================================

New Package #1: FrontPageŽ Only - $6.95/month

- Non-Virtual type web address:
     or choose
     or choose
- Full FrontPageŽ 98 Extensions Available
- Unlimited Traffic (Hits)
- Secure Server (SSL)
- 3 MBs Disk Space

This account does not include an FTP, Telnet, or POP e-mail
account; they are not required for FrontPageŽ 98. You would
simply use your ISP e-mail address to collect mail from your
FrontPageŽ web site.

Details about the FrontPageŽ Only package are here:

New Package #2: Budget Commerce - $18.95/month

All the features of our Non-Virtual accounts plus:
- FREE use of KoolCat Commerce Catalog ($249 Value!)
- Real-time Credit Card Processing Interface Built In
- Extra 2 MBs of space (5 MBs total)
- No setup fee!

This is a super deal for anybody wanting a low cost commerce
solution.  Extremely low startup fees are one of most
appealing features of this account.

Buy one to use *with* your existing Virtual Domain, it doesn't
matter if we currently host it or not. Remember, with this
account you can use *our* secure server FREE, you don't need to
purchase an expensive secure certificate or worry about paying
the renewal fees.

For example, say you own the Virtual Domain,
you could get a Budget Commerce account and place it at  Then link to your Budget Commerce
web site for your on-line catalog and secure server features.
Works like a charm!

Details about the Budget Commerce package are here:

Current WSO Virtual Domain customers can purchase the budget
commerce package for only $14.95 per month, no setup fees.

Current WSO Non-Virtual (Web Space) customers can upgrade to
this account for only $14.95 per month, but there is a $10.00
upgrade/setup fee. Please note, all *new* Non-Virtual accounts
do not have a setup fee. It is the process of *upgrading* the
account by hand that incurs the $10.00 fee.

-> ARTICLE #5: Free "Non-Virtual" Disk Space ===================
---> Relevant for Non-Virtual (Web Space) accounts only ========

In addition to introducing two new account types, we are
increasing the amount of disk space for base level Non-Virtual
(Web Space) accounts to 3 MBs, instead of 2 MBs.  All current
Non-Virtual customers automatically get the extra space added

-> ARTICLE #6: '' Domain Now Available ================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts  ================================

We unveiled the '' domain name last issue, now we are
introducing '', which stands for FrontPageŽ Web.  It
has the *exact* same features as '' and '' but may
appeal to potential FrontPageŽ users.

(c) Copyright 1998 - the Internet Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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