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WSO Newsletter - October 2001

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
October 2001                                          ISSUE: 049

-> Highlights
        1. Cable Modem Connectivity Issues
        2. Creating a Secure Form Using FrontPage
        3. WSO Active Palace Registry Back On-Line

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-> ARTICLE #1: Cable Modem Connectivity Issues =================
---> Relevant for All WSO Accounts =============================

Early morning Tuesday, October 23rd, many RoadRunner and other
cable modem users began to experience poor connectivity with
various places across the Internet.

Engineers say that the convergence of the AOL/TimeWarner network
integration is finally beginning to take place and that they are
moving their cable modem circuits around to the new network,
which is AOL based, called ATDN.NET.

They are beginning in the Northeast areas of the U.S. and will
move across the U.S. towards the West Coast over time.

During this period of convergence, sporadic and sub-standard
network connectivity will be experienced. When asked what the
Expected Time of Completion on this project would be, we were
somewhat amazed hear that it is scheduled for completion during
3rd quarter 2002.

Hopefully this will answer many of your questions as to why you
are having connectivity problems to certain places on the

Let us be clear that these problem do not affect your connection
to WSO anymore than they would affect your connection elsewhere
on the Internet.  But there is always the possibility that your
connection to our servers could be affected out of random
chance, as has happened to a few customers we are aware of. In
these cases the slowness was fixed in a relatively quick manner.

-> ARTICLE #2: Creating a Secure Form Using FrontPage ==========
---> Relevant for WSO FrontPage Customers ======================

Creating a secure form using FrontPage is actually pretty easy.
First, create the form normally, don't worry about making it
secure. Just create it and publish it to your web site. Test it,
make sure it works as expected in un-secure mode first.

Hint: When creating a form on your home computer that sends the
results via e-mail, FrontPage will ask if you want to remove
the e-mail address from the form properties. Say NO. Once the
form is published to a WSO server it will work correctly.

Once everything is working properly, continue to the next step.
From here we will work with an example.

Let's say your correctly working form is located here:

To make the form "secure" change all of the links to the page
to be:

You will need to "hard code" these yourself by right clicking
on any link to the page and choosing Hyperlink Properties.

Of course, you would substitute your domain or URL for the
above example.  In addition, for some customers, may be the incorrect shared secure server
domain. If you find this to be the case, please send us a quick
e-mail and we'll give you the correct one. Hint: It the same
URL used for the WSO SupportCenter, once you have logged in.

So, now you have changed all of the links to your form, making
them secure. Now, you just need to change one more thing. If you
have created a custom confirmation page, you'll need to enter
that page into the form properties box using the full, secure
URL not just the name of the page.

If you confirmation page is called 'confirmation.htm' you would
enter into the confirmation field in the form properties box:

Then republish your site changes to your WSO account.

Following these instructions should allow you to setup a secure
form using FrontPage, free from browser security warnings.

Next month we'll take a look at how to get the results of a
form securely back to your desktop.

-> ARTICLE #3: WSO Active Palace Registry Back On-Line =========
---> Relevant for WSO Palace Customers =========================

For those of you who host Palace chat servers, our WSO Active
Palace Registry is back on-line and can be found here:

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    the Web Space Outlet

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