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WSO Newsletter - August 2001

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
August 2001                                           ISSUE: 047

-> Highlights
        1. MySQL and PHP Upgraded Again
        2. .biz, .info, .cc, .ca, .uk, .tv Registrations
        3. FrontPage News and Update

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-> ARTICLE #1: MySQL and PHP Upgraded Again ====================
---> Relevant for SD, VD, CP Accounts ==========================

We did a quick upgrade of both PHP and MySQL to their newest
versions, 4.0.6 and 3.23.41 receptively.

If you need to use PHP3 for some reason, just name your file so
that it ends in .php3 and it will run through version 3.0.18 of
PHP, the newest of the 3.x versions available.

Ending your files in .php will always run them through the
newest version of PHP we have available.

LATE ADDITION: Due to a bug in the crypt() function of PHP 4.0.6
we have dropped back to using 4.0.5 for now. When the bug is
fixed we will upgrade to the newest version available.

-> ARTICLE #2: .biz, .info, .cc, .ca, .uk, .tv Registrations ===
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

For well over a year WSO has been providing affordable domain
name registrations. We are now able to offer you an even wider

In addition to the traditional .com, .net and .org TLDs (Top
Level Domains), we can now register .biz, .info, .cc, .ca, and Soon we'll be able to register .vc and .name
as well.

Pricing for domains varies:

.com, .net, .org - $20/year, - $20/year
.ca - $30/year
.cc - $40/year
.info - $20/year (min 2 years)
.biz - $20/year (min 2 years)
.tv - $50/year (Much more for short or special domain names)

Of course, you have to qualify and each particular TLD has its
own restrictions.

.com, .net,. org, .cc, .info and .tv are totally open and

.biz must host a business web site.

.ca must be owned by a Canadian citizen, corporation or
company doing business in Canada. and must be owned by individuals or businesses
located in the United Kingdom.

Simply send an e-mail to and indicate the
name of the domain you'd like to register and we'll get back to
indicating any additional information we may need to complete
the order.  Soon we'll have on-line forms available, but for now
we can handle your requests on a one-on-one e-mail basis.

There are companies out there that are registering domain names
that are not official, like .free and .sex. Please do not waste
your money.  Someday these domains may become official TLDs, but
they aren't now.  That means when they do become real TLDs,
somebody else can register the name you *thought* you owned.

Also, these companies use tricks to make the new domain
extensions work. They don't work in all browsers and with all

-> ARTICLE #3: FrontPage News and Update =======================
---> Relevant for Customers Using FrontPage ====================

The following paragraphs list the current issues with FrontPage
2002 Server Extensions. Some of these may be slightly technical,
in which case, feel free to simply gloss over them.  We are
including them for reference purposes.

There is a great browser based administration utility available
in FP2002 at
Just replace "" with your web site address. You will
be asked for your administrator username and password. This
replaces any and all of the permissions utilities built into the
FrontPage client software. This is a powerful utility, so use
with caution.

FrontPage counters do not work using a shared secure server, it
appears the internal path to the counter data file does not
resolve correctly. This is unlike the save results file path
using the form processor, which does work. A work-around for
secure counters is to use CounterMaker (in the WSO
SupportCenter) instead.

Forms do work using the shared secure server. You must use the
full secure URL reference to the confirmation page, including
the https:// part. Amazingly the save results file works fine
as well. This shows that secure counters "should" work if the
two components were programmed the same internally by the
FrontPage team, which it appears they were not.

Web permissions are not migrated correctly from service.pwd to
.roles when upgrading from a FP2000 web to a FP2002 web. Users
with browse only access are the only ones affected.

SharePoint Team Services, ASP, and MS Access database
functionality are not available in the Unix version of the
extensions, and never have been.

The _private directory is chmod 700 by default in new FP2002
webs. Setting it to 701 is the best solution and allows data
placed there to be accessed via a web browser. Then for the most
security set the results files in _private to be 604. This
allows access via browser ONLY if you know the exact name of the
file and the administrator username and password.

Counter .cnt files in the _private appear to be chmod 666, which
is group and world writable, this make NO sense. Microsoft has
been made aware of the situation.

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    the Web Space Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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