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WSO Newsletter - May 2001

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
MAY 2001                                              ISSUE: 044

-> Highlights
        1. Disk Space Increase for VD and CP Accounts
        2. Merchant Account Solution Available
        3. Add Miva Merchant to Your Virtual Domain

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-> ARTICLE #1: Disk Space Increase for VD and CP Accounts ======
---> Relevant for VD & CP Accounts =============================

Good news! We've listened to your feedback and have made a
change to the default disk space packaged with our more
expensive Virtual Domain and Commerce Plus accounts.

Previously, Virtual Domains were allotted 35 MBs of disk space,
this has been increased to 45 MBs. Likewise, Commerce Plus
accounts are increasing from 50 MBs to 60 MBs.

This increase instantly applies to all Virtual Domain and
Commerce Plus accounts. Hope you enjoy the extra breathing room.

-> ARTICLE #2: Merchant Account Solution Available =============
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Need to accept credit cards? Confused by the whole process?
It's understandable. It is confusing, but we're here to help.

We've partnered with two great companies, Heartland Payment
Systems (HPS) and Our solution works seamlessly
with the Miva Merchant e-commerce software, but does not have to
be used with Miva Merchant.

There are 3 key players in setting up a Merchant Account.


You need to establish a checking account at a bank so that
payments collected by the processor can be directly deposited
into your account. Try to negotiate the best deal you can.
In most cases you do not need a special checking account, so
even the bare minimum will do the job.


This company provides the check to make sure the credit card
being using is valid and has enough money to complete the
transaction.  We use for real-time authorizations.

Depending on your situation, you could opt instead to use
software on your business computer to act as the gateway. PC
Charge is an example of such software. also provides a free "Virtual Terminal." This is
a secure, password protected page where you can enter credit
card transactions manually. This is great when you take an order
by FAX or over the phone.

The gateway is $15.00 per month, $.10 per transaction, and a
one-time setup fee of $74.00.


This is the company that actually takes the money from the
credit card and puts it into your checking account. We use
Heartland Payment Systems.

The processor statement fee is $7.50 per month, $.30 per
transaction, Visa and MasterCard discount rates are 2.39%, and
there is a one-time setup fee of $95.00.

American Express, Discover, and Diners Club all have their own
rates. Each of these companies require you to sign up to accept
their credit cards individually. We can provide you with toll
free numbers for each. There are no extra fees through or HPS to accept and process these other card


One-Time Setup Fee: $169.00
Per Transaction Fee: $.40

Visa/MasterCard Rate: 2.39%
Monthly Statement Fee: $7.50
Monthly Gateway Fee: $15.00
Minimum Transaction Fee: $22.50

If you have no transactions in a month, it would still cost
you $45.00. This is actually quite good, see below.


Our goal in finding a solution to offer our customers was to
keep the startup fee low and keep the monthly fees as low as
possible. Many new businesses have no sales at all for the
first few months. So, we wanted the lowest possible monthly
fee for the situation where no cards were processed.

With the solution you'll only pay $45.00 per
month even if you have no activity.  Comparable solutions are
upwards of $75.00 per month. In addition, the low $169.00 is
great. Comparable solutions have setup fees as high as $650.00!

If you are fortunate enough to grow and have lots of
transactions per month, you can contact HPS and ask them to
review your situation, often they will be able to lower the per
transaction and discount rates.

Interested in getting started? Send us a quick e-mail at, or go directly to the on-line application. A
link to the application appears on our home page:

-> ARTICLE #3: Add Miva Merchant to Your Virtual Domain ========
---> Relevant for VD Customers =================================

Do you currently have a standard Virtual Domain account with
WSO?  Have you thought about selling things from your site but
are confused how to do it?

For only an extra $15 per month you can step-up to our Commerce
Plus account. You get the use of a full Miva Merchant e-commerce
system, plus 15 extra MBs of disk space.

Miva Merchant is the standard for small to medium sized on-line
businesses.  It is now in its third generation and has finished
its growing pains. It is a great piece of software that is
simple enough for the beginner and complex enough for the most
demanding user.

Learn more about Miva Merchant, and even see a demo, here:

Combine our Commerce Plus account with our new credit card
Merchant Account solution and you'll have a full e-commerce
solution for literally a fraction of the cost of starting a
brick and mortar business.

To upgrade, just drop us a note at:

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