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WSO Newsletter - July 2000

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
JULY 2000                                             ISSUE: 034

-> Highlights
        1. WSO SETI@HOME Group
        2. PowerMailbox Contest Sign-up
        3. Make Public Log Analysis Link

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        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> ARTICLE #1: WSO SETI@HOME Group =============================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Have you seen the movie Contact, with Jody Foster? If so, you
definitely know what SETI is.  SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence), is a group of scientists who scan the sky with
massive radio telescopes and record what they hear.  Then they
analyze the data looking for non-random signals that would
indicate signs of intelligent life.  This is extremely
interesting to some people, although not everyone agrees there
is anything to listen for.

In any case, SETI has always struggled to analyze all of this
data with today's computers.  They just weren't fast enough and,
on a limited budget, they couldn't get enough of them. Did
somebody say Internet?

So, they have created what could be the most innovative Internet
application thus far. By downloading a screen saver that is "net
aware" you can work for SETI.  The pay isn't very good (nothing)
but we can assure you this, people will be asking "what kind of
screen saver is THAT?!"

Go to:

Read up on all the interesting information about the project
and then download the SETI@home client. Probably the best place
to start is the FAQ:

During the install you will be asked to create a user profile.
It only wants your name and e-mail address and you can choose
not to have them displayed. This allows them to track how many
computing hours you've put into the project and how many "data
units" you've analyzed. Put in a real e-mail address or you
won't be able to recive your password.

After an extremely simple install a small green telescope will
appear in your system tray. You can set how quickly the screen
saver will kick in by right clicking on your desktop, choosing
Properties and then Screen Saver.  If you are interested in
getting the most speed out of your analyzer, tell the screen
saver to "go blank" after a few minutes, it runs about 5 times
faster because it doesn't have to figure out all those neat

Now, go back to the SETI@home web page and click on "Groups."
Scroll down and enter "Team" into the search box and
hit the Search button. Next click on "Join." Then enter the
same e-mail address you used when you created your SETI profile
into the box. Finally, enter your assigned password.

If you don't know your password, they have instructions on how
to get it right beside the box... they will mail it to you and
it arrives in under a minute.

Done! Now each time you complete a "data unit" you will get
credit for it as in individual and Team will get credit
for the group.

There is nothing to be gained by WSO for having you join the
group. There is no money involved in the SETI@home project, it
is just an interesting and fun application of Internet 

Let us know if you join, send us an e-mail at:

-> ARTICLE #2: PowerMailbox Contest Sign-up ====================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Last month we told you that WSO had contracted to include
PowerMailbox (normally $10/month) as part of ALL WSO hosting
account packages -- at no extra cost. As an added incentive to
try PowerMailbox, you can still sign up and be automatically
entered to win one of 25, $1,000.00 prizes. But the deadline is
July 31st, 2000.

Please use this link to sign-up for a PowerMailbox at no cost:

PowerMailbox is created and supported by Dialog Software, Inc.
Help is built right into the PowerMailbox interface and should
provide you with all the assistance you need to fully utilize
the web-based software. Specific usage questions about
PowerMailbox should not be directed to WSO. Instead make use of
the on-line help or send a support question to them directly
at  But if you are having any trouble
signing up, let us know.

Please remember, you can only send e-mail to people who have
requested it. DO NOT send unsolicited e-mails or you will
jeopardize your PowerMailbox account and your WSO web hosting

-> ARTICLE #3: Make Public Log Analysis Link ===================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Each night your web logs are analyzed and an HTML analysis page
is created so you can see the results.  Customers who have been
moved to one of our new servers can no longer view this analysis
from an unprotected web page.  Because some customers didn't
like the idea of having their web log analysis publicly
accessible we moved the analysis results under the SupportCenter
only. This means you had to log in to the SupportCenter to see
your analysis.

Recent inquires from other customers show that there are just
as many of you who want the simplicity of viewing the analysis
from an unprotected page.  So, we've added a new feature to
allow this. The feature is only available to customers who have
been moved to a new server.  Unmoved customers can still view
their log analysis page as usual.

Just edit your "Log rotation settings" in the WSO SupportCenter.
A new choice has been added that will create a publicly viewable
link to your log analysis.  Those with multiple Extra Domains
can change these settings independently for each domain. More
instructions and information appears at the Log rotations
settings page in the WSO SupportCenter.

(c) Copyright 1995-2000, All Rights Reserved
    the Internet Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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