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WSO Newsletter - December 1999

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
DECEMBER 1999                                         ISSUE: 027

-> Highlights
        1. FREE Search Engine Submission
        2. Miva Merchant Tips
        3. Holiday Specials
        4. New Palace Information
        5. New SupportCenter Passwords Coming

-> Useful WSO Links
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        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> ARTICLE #1: FREE Search Engine Submission ===================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

WSO will soon be offering a FREE search and link engine
submission.  We'll be providing information on how to prepare
your site and how to let us know you are ready for your free
submission.  You do not have to take advantage of the offer, it
is an optional service.

All current and new WSO customers will receive one FREE search &
link engine submission. Your site will be submitted to over 1500
search & link engine sites around the world.  A detailed report
will be e-mailed to you after the submission has taken place.

Customers can then request their site to be resubmitted on a
one-time-only or scheduled submission cycle for a small service
fee. More details on fees and other submission issues will be
available soon.

We just want to make you aware that this service is in the works
and will be available in the near future.

-> ARTICLE #2: Miva Merchant Tips ==============================
---> Relevant for Miva Merchant Users ==========================

Here's a quick laundry list of tips for those of you using the
Miva Merchant on-line storefront software.

1. If you are a MAC user, Miva Corp. has stated that there is a
bug in the HTTP uploading code for the MAC version of MSIE,
the Microsoft browser.  If you are a Miva Merchant administrator
using a MAC, instead use a Netscape browser to administer your
store.  PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT affect users browsing your
store.  The storefront is compatible with ALL newer browsers.
You only need to use Netscape when you are a MAC user working on
the administrative side of Miva Merchant. Miva Corp. hopes to
have a work-around for this soon.

2. Don't click multiple times.  Never click a submit button
twice unless you are POSITIVE the first click didn't work for
some reason. This goes for ANY submit button within ANY on-line

3. Always wait until the screen updates before clicking on
another function.  Let's say you are packing the store data
files.  Always wait until this process is finished before (for
example) deleting your expired shopping baskets.

4. Speaking of expired shopping baskets, you should frequently
click on the Delete Expired Shopping Baskets link in your Miva
Merchant administration software.  You can find the link under
Store:Utilities.  There are two reasons to do this:
	a. The file grows quite large very fast. Deleting the
           expired baskets shrinks the file back down.

	b. The basket file is read EVERY TIME a user clicks on
           ANYTHING in your store (this is normal).  But the
           larger the basket file, the longer it will take to
           process the users request.  Do it for speed!

The only drawback to deleting the expired shopping baskets is
that each of those baskets was assigned an order number already
and when you delete them, the order number goes back into the
"pool" of available numbers.  So, after deleting the baskets,
you may get order numbers that are lower than your last order.
This is normal.  If you don't like the way this works, let Miva
know and maybe it will be changed.  But there is no way around
it currently, and you simply CAN NOT leave expired baskets
laying around, your store will slow down too much. Just grin
and bear it...

5. The last tip is about Packing Data Files.  If you are a
Commerce Plus account owner (or you have your own installation
of Miva Merchant), you can pack data files in two areas:
	a. In the Store:Utilities area
	b. In the main "Mall" utilities area

Budget Commerce account owners will only be able to pack the
files in the Store:Utilities area.

This packing removes entries that have been marked for
deletion. For example, if you remove a product from your catalog
it is only marked for deletion in the database, you must pack it
before it is really totally gone.

Hope you get some use out of these tips.  We'll pass more on as
we think of them!

-> ARTICLE #3: Holiday Specials ================================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

During the months of December and January we will be offering
a special for all new accounts.  Simply purchase any new account
and you will receive an extra month free.

Place an on-line order between December 1, 1999 and January 31,
2000 and your account period will be extended by one month. For
example, lets say you purchase a new Commerce Plus account and
choose to pay quarterly.  Your account will not come up for
renewal for four months, instead of three, but you'll only pay
for three months.  After that, your account will be billed

Please note, buy paying annually you can actually earn two free
months, since prepaid yearly accounts already receive one month

If you have any questions, please contact

You can find out more info on our referral and multiple discount
programs in the WSO Newsletter #25:

-> ARTICLE #4: New Palace Information ==========================
---> Relevant WSO Palace Owners ================================

We've recently made some changes to the scripts that restart
and/or shutdown your palaces.  As we refine them, some hic-ups
have occurred and we apologize for this.

A new feature of the log rotation script is that it checks for
all .core files and removes them.  A .core file is produced
when your Palace "crashes" for whatever reason.  It usually
takes up about 3 MBs of disk space.  These will be removed, if
present, when the logs are rotated at midnight.

In any case, we just wanted our Palace customers to know that we
are committed to them and would appreciate their feedback on
these issues.

In addition, we are considering putting a dedicated Palace
server on-line. This will be a full Unix machine dedicated to
only hosting Palaces.  This dedicated machine will be running a
Unix variant that is highly supported by and
therefor we will always be able to provide you with the most
up-to-date Palace software.  This is just "in the works" and no
time table has been set as of yet.  Please watch for more
details soon.

-> ARTICLE #5: New SupportCenter Passwords Coming ==============
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

In about the middle of December you'll be receiving NEW log in
information for the WSO SupportCenter.  Your UserID will stay
the same, but your password will be new.

This new password will be sent to your main WSO e-mail account
and also your alternate e-mail address that we keep on file.

We just wanted to pre-warn you, so keep your eyes out for that
new SupportCenter login info soon.

Happy Holidays!

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    the Internet Outlet

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