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Recent News - November 1997

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t           
NOVEMBER 1997                                         ISSUE: 002

-> Highlights
	1. IP# Change Coming
	2. FREE Real Audio
	3. Watch Out for MIVA
	4. MAC Users, HELP!
	5. KoolCat Offer Ending

	NEXT TIME: More on Miva, Password Protecting Dirs, more.

-> ARTICLE #1: IP# Change Coming ===============================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts =================================

In the weeks to come we will be moving some Virtual Domain
customers to a new server.  You will see no difference in your
account other than a change in your IP number.  This will not
affect most people.  But for those of you who may write scripts
or other utilities that use your IP number explicitly, please
be aware that it may change in the future.

Also note that the '' domain will be getting a new IP
number.  Again, this will not affect you unless you're using's IP number explicitly for some reason.

We will be moving people slowly, one at a time to avoid problems
and confusion. If you're to be moved, you'll be notified in
advance.  Your site will only be down at the most an hour or so,
if at all.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

-> ARTICLE #2: FREE Real Audio! ================================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts =================================

Ever want to put a Real Audio clip on your web site but thought
you had to BUY something to do it?  Nope! Read on...

With the introduction of Read Audio 3.0, a RA (Real Audio)
"server" is no longer needed.  While having dedicated RA server
software is highly recommended for commercial applications, the
average web designer can get by using HTTP to serve STREAMING
Real Audio.  Yes, streaming!  As in, it will play as it

Unless you already have encoded RA files you wish to use, you'll
need the RA encoder, which is free and available for many
platforms. Get it here:

Once you use the encoder to create a RA file (they end with the
.ra extension), you'll need to upload the file via FTP to a
directory in your account.  RA files should be uploaded in
BINARY, not Text or ASCII.

Now here's the key step that allows you to bypass the need for
a dedicated RA server.  Create a text file (using a simple
editor like Notepad) that contains the web address of the .ra

For example: Your .ra file is called 'song.ra' and you've
uploaded it to a directory called 'audio'.  Let's also say
your normal web address is  So,
you would put the following line in the text file:

Hit return at the end of the line and save the file. When you
save it, name the file the same name as the .ra file EXCEPT
make the extension '.ram' instead of '.ra'.

Now, upload this file to the same directory as your .ra file.
Remember to upload this file in ASCII or Text mode, not Binary!

That's it!  Now you can put links in your web pages to the
.ram file and, if the user has the Real Audio plug-in software
installed, the audio file will begin playing in real time.

Continuing with our example, if you typed: into your browser, the
RA plug-in would start playing your file!

It's quite simple, hopefully the above description hasn't
confused or scared you. Have fun!

-> ARTICLE #3: Watch for Miva ==================================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts  ================================

Miva is Htmlscript 3.0.  You may or may not have taken advantage
of Htmlscript yet, its use is included with all accounts. See
our tech support page and web site pages for more on Htmlscript.

Soon you will be able to use the next generation of Htmlscript,
Miva.  Miva is a significant upgrade with features that include
full xBase database support as well as blazing speed and
complete backward compatibility with older versions of

Read more about Miva's exciting features:

Watch for announcements about Miva's availability with your
Web Space Outlet account.

-> ARTICLE #4: MAC Users, HELP! ================================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts  ================================

Are you a MAC user?  We need your help.

Just about all of our recommended software is for PC's. What
freeware or shareware software are you using for FTP, Telnet,
image editing, web page design, etc?  Although we still won't
be able to offer much help to MAC users who have specific
questions about the software, we will at least begin to compile
a list of recommended software for them.

Thanks for your help!

-> ARTICLE #5: KoolCat Offer Ending ============================
---> Relevant for ALL accounts  ================================

If you've been thinking about taking advantage of our $100.00
KoolCat offer, please do so now.  This offer will end on
Sunday November 2nd, forever!

After this date we will begin the Htmlscript KC Vendor program.
KoolCat will again cost $249.00.  So take advantage while you

For those who need more information on the KoolCat shopping cart
system, please see this page:

(c) Copyright 1997 - the Internet Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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