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WSO Newsletter - March 1999

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
MARCH 1999                                            ISSUE: 018

-> Highlights
        1. Budget Commerce Account Changing
        2. Changes in Mail Service
        3. New "Odometer Collection" Counters Available

-> Useful WSO Links
        Newsletter Back Issues -
        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document
        FPO - FrontPageŽ Only
        NV - Non-Virtual
        BC - Budget Commerce
        VD - Virtual Domain
        CP - Commerce Plus

-> ARTICLE #1: Budget Commerce Account Changing ================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO customers ============================

Previously our Budget Commerce account came with the KoolCat
commerce software.  We've revamped the Budget Commerce account
and it now comes with the new Miva Merchant software. As always
you get free use of WSO's secure certificate which makes the
Budget Commerce account one of the most inexpensive ways to
start an on-line business.

The updated account still costs the same price, $18.95 per month
but packs MUCH more power.  Not only do you get the new Miva
Merchant commerce software but we've increased the disk space to
10 MBs instead of just 5 MBs.

A new web page dedicated to Miva Merchant is available at:

The Budget Commerce info page is at:

Current Budget Commerce customers can upgrade to the new
Budget Commerce account features, just drop us a note at for more info.

If you have any question at all about the new updated Budget
Commerce account, please contact us at

-> ARTICLE #2: Changes in Mail Service =========================
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD, CP customers =====================

Over the last month a few changes to our mail system have
occurred. Most of these are in response to the increased abuse
of mail systems world-wide. One of the most noticeable changes
can be a slight nuisance if not understood. 

Basically, you must first establish contact with the mail server
by checking your mail before you will be allowed to send mail
using our mail system.  This eliminates the ability for an
unauthorized person to use our mail system to relay unwanted
spam e-mail.

The way it works is by logging your unique host name.  The log
is flushed every 3 hours to avoid a reassigned host name from
unauthorized spamming. Please note that each time you connect
to the Internet you are assigned a new host name. So if you
get disconnected and reconnect, you may need to once again
check your mail to establish mail service authorization.

The easiest way to avoid any false relaying errors while trying
to send mail is to set your e-mail program to automatically
check your mail every time you start it.  You can also choose to
set your e-mail program so that it waits to send your mail
until the next time you check your mail.  This also has the
advantage of allowing your mail to wait in your own mail queue
until it is sent, allowing you to make changes before it's
"too late."

A few other changes were made to eliminate some of the pervious
spam mail that was making its way through our mail system in
the past. Of course the is really no way to eliminate all spam
mail, but we've taken care of a few tricks that spammers used
to use.

Also, .forward files were not working for a while. This
situation has been fixed. Our virtual domain customers should
note that their alias file (.domains file) overrides
the .forward file.

-> ARTICLE #4: New "Simple Collection" Counters Available =====
---> Relevant for ALL accounts =================================

Here is the third edition of our monthly counters collection.
This month is the "Odometer Collection". Samples can be found

Full documentation on how to use these counters appears in the
Tech Support area of the WSO SupportCenter:

Look under the Available CGI's section for "Graphical Hit
Counters".  Information on how to add one to your web pages
is there.

The main thing to remember is that you have to set a unique
name using the 'df' parameter and you can choose a counter type
using the 'dd' parameter. The 'dd' code needed for each counter
is listed below each counter on the sample page.

You'll also notice that some sample counters show an AM & PM
graphic. This means you can use that counter with a clock,
similar to the one at the bottom of our home page:

We've added more examples to the WSO SupportCenter counters
area, so check it out if you are confused at all. Or drop us a
note and we can help you out.

Have fun!

(c) Copyright 1995-1999, All Rights Reserved
    the Internet Outlet

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