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WSO Newsletter - June 1998

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
JUNE 1998                                             ISSUE: 009

-> Highlights
	1. FAX Number Change
	2. New SupportCenter Features
	3. ASCII vs. Binary FTP
	4. Logs & Log Rotation Information
	5. New Miva Manual
	6. KoolCat Price Permanently Reduced

	NEXT TIME: KoolCat Utilities from the SupportCenter...

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document:
	FPO - FrontPageŽ Only
	NV - Non-Virtual
	BC - Budget Commerce
	VD - Virtual Domain

-> ARTICLE #1: FAX Number Change ===============================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

Our FAX number has changed. Please send all FAX documents to
(814) 861-2823. Thank you.

-> ARTICLE #2: New SupportCenter Features ======================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

We hope you are enjoying the new WSO SupportCenter.  This month
we have added even more features and utilities!

The first new section is an Account Details area where you'll be
able to see some details of your account and some of the info
we have on file for you.  If you see any out-of-date information
please let us know so we can update your file.

For our Virtual Domain customers we've added an easier to use
e-mail alias editor.  The new editor has better instructions and
an easier to use interface.  The old alias editor will no longer
be available. Aliases can still be confusing so PLEASE read the
instruction very carefully before using the alias editor.

Our Palace Chat server customers will be *very* happy to learn
that they can now turn on and off the automatic restarting of
their palace, shut down their palace, and backup and restore
their critical palace files all from the WSO SupportCenter!

And now all WSO accounts have more control over their logs and
log processing via the SupportCenter. Please see ARTICLE #4

As always, please let us know of any problems you may encounter
while using the WSO SupportCenter. We try very hard to test the
software but, like any software, bugs can slip through. So if
you see something that doesn't seem right, please let us know!

-> ARTICLE #3: ASCII vs. Binary FTP ============================
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types =====================

One of the biggest causes of strange and hard to find errors
involves how you upload files.  FTP programs (like WS_FTP) can
transfer files in two modes, ASCII and Binary. The following is
a quick guide to choosing the correct mode:

ASCII transfer mode:
Used for TEXT file transferring. The end of line character is
different on different type of computers; using ASCII mode will
insure that the end of line character is translated properly.
HTML files, text files, and PALACE PSCRIPT files are some
examples of files that must be transferred in ASCII mode.

Binary transfer mode:
Used for non-TEXT file transferring. Executable programs, word
processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, graphics files,
sound files, and PALACE PROP file are some examples of files
that must be transferred in BINARY mode.

Auto Detect transfer mode (WS_FTP):
When this option is selected, all files will be transferred in
binary mode unless the extension is found in the WS_FTP.EXT file
and then the file will be transferred in ASCII mode. You can add
extensions in the ASCII Extensions dialog box from within
WS_FTP, check the help file.

Some FTP programs will try to guess the correct mode based on
the filename extension, like .gif or .txt. This is usually
called something like "Auto Mode".

A new section on FTP has been added to the Tech Support are in
the SupportCenter. Please check it out.

-> ARTICLE #4: Logs & Log Rotation Information =================
---> Relevant for ALL account types  ===========================

As of June 1st, 1998 we will begin storing and rotating web
server logs for all of our FrontPageŽ Only accounts. Logs will
be stored in the new '_wso_logs' directory, protected from
FrontPage searches.

In addition, all account logs will be moved to the new
'_wso_logs' directory instead of the old 'logs' directory.

All accounts now have the ability to control aspects of the log
handling through the WSO SupportCenter.  You can now control
when your logs are rotated and if the previous log analysis is
saved for future viewing.  Please see the SupportCenter for more

By default all logs will be rotated monthly and the monthly
analysis will be saved by renaming it to the current date.
Again, more details are in the SupportCenter, please check it

-> ARTICLE #5: New Miva Manual =================================
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types  ====================

Htmlscript has released a new, updated and easier to use Miva
manual.  The new manual has more examples as well. Check it out

Information about Miva that is specific to our system can be
found in the Tech Support area. All other information can be
taken from the on-line manual at the above address.

-> ARTICLE #6: KoolCat Price Permanently Reduced ===============
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types  ====================

The official price for KoolCat is now $99. Htmlscript found that
the $99 price point produces greater revenues than either the
$149 or $249 price points.  Naturally, this price point creates
a larger installed base which furthers the development of the

Watch for the new release of Miva Merchant, the successor to
KoolCat.  Miva Merchant has just gone into the Beta stage and
should be released soon. Those who purchase or have purchased
KoolCat get a free upgrade to Miva Merchant from Htmlscript.

(c) Copyright 1998 - the Internet Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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