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Recent News - April 1998

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
APRIL 1998                                            ISSUE: 007

-> Highlights
	1. Referral Incentives Begin
	2. Free Miva Mia Download
	3. New Miva Vender System
	4. Resident RAM Use Charge
	5. New Tech Support Section
	6. New Form Mail Processor Installed
	7. KoolCat License Owners - PLEASE READ

	NEXT TIME: You and your log files!

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document:
	FPO - FrontPageŽ Only
	NV  - Non-Virtual
	BC  - Budget Commerce
	VD  - Virtual Domain

-> ARTICLE #1: Referral Incentives =============================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

We are starting a new referral program beginning April 1st, '98.
We will credit your account an amount equal to the single month
fee of the account type your referral purchases.

So, for example, if a new customer that you have referred buys
a Virtual Domain, your account will be credited $34.95! Likewise
a new FrontPageŽ Only referral would give you $6.95 in credit.

Here are the rules:
1. Referral must be a new customer.
2. The new customer must honor at least our minimum 3-month
   standard contract.
3. Your account will be credited an amount equal to one
   month of the referral account-type cost.
4. Incentives are not cash, only credit. We will not issue
   checks or payment directly for referrals - credit only.
5. Your incentive credit can only be applied to unpaid
   bills.  The credit can not be applied retro-actively to
   previously made payments.
6. You will receive the credit after the referral stays for one
   month.  If the referral cancels their account before the
   minimum 3-month period, the incentive credit will be charged
   back to the you.
7. Your name must be listed as the referring person when the
   new customer signs up for service.
8. There is no limit to the amount of referrals that can be

This is a great way to get FREE web hosting, especially if you
have an inexpensive account but have more expensive referrals.

If you have past referrals, please contact us, we will honor
them retro-actively. The incentive credit will be applied to
your next account renewal.

If you have questions, please e-mail:

-> ARTICLE #2: Mia Miva Personal Web Server - FREE =============
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types =====================

Miva Mia, the long awaited personal version of the Miva Engine,
is now available at no charge for all Microsoft Windows '95 and
NT users.

Miva Mia lets developers build their entire web site, including 
active Miva documents, on their Windows PC before deploying on
the Web.  A Web Server compatible with all browsers is
integrated into Miva Mia and can work standalone or side-by-side
with other personal web servers.

Because you are a WSO customer and we offer free use of Miva,
you are entailed to a FREE Mia Miva Developer License. To
download your copy, use the Miva Vender system described in
Article #3 below.  Enter the Miva Vender and choose the category
Miva Mia Products.  Then pick the last product "Miva Mia
Developer License".

Please note that all questions and tech support for Mia Miva are
handled by the Htmlscript corporation through their mailing list.
For instructions please see the following web page:

-> ARTICLE #3: New Miva Vender System ==========================
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types =====================

Please take a few minutes to try our new Miva Vender system.
There is a link from our home page at

Within the Miva Vender you can purchase Miva/Htmlscript products
and services, download free template applications (although our
accounts already have them pre-installed), purchase a KoolCat
commerce system license for your Virtual Domain, or download
your FREE copy of Miva Mia (see Article #2 above).

You should definitely take advantage of your free Mia Miva

-> ARTICLE #4: Resident RAM Use Charge =========================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

As of May 1st, 1998 we will begin charging for resident RAM
use.  Resident RAM use is when a customer runs a program on the
server that stays in memory and does not end and release the
memory. An example of this is the Palace chat software that we
offer. It stays in memory at all times waiting to be called

Resident RAM usage will be billed at $1 per Megabyte per month.
So, a typical Palace owner will see an increase between $3 and
$5 per month depending on how many props are being cached, the
size of your palace, and how many "frontends" you have active.

Please remember that all programs that will use resident RAM
*must* be pre approved by us. If you have any questions please
contact us at:

-> ARTICLE #5: New Tech Support Section ========================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

We have a new password protected Tech Support section. The new
section will have an easier to use interface and feature more
entries than in the past.  We are also re-committing ourselves
to improving the Tech Support database with new entries, more

The old support web page will now forward you to the new login

You will be receiving a UserID and Password via e-mail
soon, if not already.  Keep these numbers secret because in the
future they will allow you access to our complete account
administration system.  If you do not receive your login, please
contact us at:

You may be wondering why we don't just use your regular account
username and password? This would be a security issue and is not
being done for the protection of both us and our customers.

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter the tech support section you will be
using the secure web server, so all your login data will be
encrypted.  Once you are approved, the access will switch back
to unencrypted mode. If you disconnect from the Internet, dial
back in, and then try to pick-up where you left off in the Tech
support section, you will be forced to log in again.

This is like a "beta test" of our new security system that we
will be using when we implement our full account administration
system. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

-> ARTICLE #6: New Form Mail Processor Installed ===============
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

Many of you have requested an upgraded form mail processor, so
we've installed Matt Wright's form processing
script.  Our new tech support section (see Article #5) details
its use. The info is in the "Available CGI's" section.

-> ARTICLE #7: KoolCat License Owners - PLEASE READ ============
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD account types =====================

The following is quoted from an Htmlscript announcement
concerning KoolCat and its successor, Miva Merchant.

"We have still not established a release date for Miva
Merchant, however all users of KoolCat 1.x will receive one
free upgrade to 2.x.  Additionally, Annual Upgrade Plan
members who purchased prior to the release of Miva Merchant
will get one year of no-charge upgrades beginning when the
production version is released."
          -Joe Austin
           Htmlscript Corp.

(c) Copyright 1998 - the Internet Outlet

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