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WSO Newsletter - September 2002

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
September 2002                                        ISSUE: 060

-> Highlights
        1. Analog & Mysql Upgrades
        2. Billing Summary Fixes
        3. Spam & Regular Junk Mail
        4. Dreamweaver FTP Uploading Issue

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        Tech Support -

-> ARTICLE #1: Analog & MySQL Upgrades =========================

Analog, the software we use to analyze your web logs, has been
upgraded to the newest version 5.24.

The MySQL database software has also been updated to v3.23.51

-> ARTICLE #2: Billing Summary Fixes ===========================

A glitch in the way the billing summary was being displayed in
the WSO SupportCenter has been fixed. If you tried to look at
your billing summary and found it to be out of order in the
past, it should be fixed now.

-> ARTICLE #3: Spam & Regular Junk Mail ========================

What can be done about spam and junk e-mail? The short of it is
that to a computer, spam e-mail doesn't really look any
different than "real" e-mail. So, it is very difficult to stop
it from being delivered to you in any reliably way.

Most people have simply resigned themselves to the fact that
they will have to weed through their e-mails. It is similar to
how you throw away regular junk paper mail. You get good at it,
you don't even have to open it, you just throw it away.

Similarly, you can get good at identifying spam in your computer
in-box and you'll find that you hardly ever have to open them,
you just delete them. But it takes human eyes to make that
judgement, not a computer (in most cases).

Instead of using your mouse to highlight an e-mail and then
click on a trash or erase icon, try using the cursor keys on
your keyboard and the delete key. You'll find it is MUCH faster
to weed through your in-box. Give it a shot.

Unfortunately, there isn't a silver-bullet to solve spam and
junk mail issues. Arguments can be made that technology can
solve the spam problem, but in the end, human eyes are the best
judge. Sometimes the low-tech solution is the most effective.

-> ARTICLE #4: Dreamweaver FTP Uploading Issue =================

Dreamweaver, and some other programs, have built-in FTP
features. In Dreamweaver's case, it is quite picky. If you are
having trouble and can't get Dreamweaver to create new
directories, you may need to change the folder where you tell
Dreamweaver to upload your files.

For example, you might be using something like this:

Instead, remove the beginning part and use this:

Obviously, substitute your username and your domain address in
the example above.

This should instantly fix your uploading problems. This issue
may also affect other FTP programs. If you are having trouble,
try the trick above, it might just solve your problem.

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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