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WSO Newsletter - April 2002

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
April 2002                                            ISSUE: 055

-> Highlights
        1. Domain Scam Information Alert!
        2. WSO's Opinion on Windows XP

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-> ARTICLE #1: Domain Scam Information Alert! ==================
---> Relevant for All WSO Customers ============================

Domain Slamming Alert!

Caution, if you receive a domain registration renewal notice by
mail, be careful!

Slamming is a term that was first used in the long distance
telephone industry. In the long-distance business, slamming is
the practice of changing your long-distance carrier without your

More registrars are resorting to the practice of sending notices
by postal mail that look confusingly like a renewal notice or
invoice that could be coming from your existing registrar. If
you receive a renewal notice by mail, you should contact your
current registrar to confirm that this is from them. 

What these "renewals" could mean to you if you renew your
domain(s) by sending a response to one of these renewal notices?
The following can happen: 

You will likely pay too much for your renewal. Renewal rates
that we've seen from these mailings are expensive, typically
between $25 and $35 US per domain/year. You are likely already
paying a lower rate with your existing registrar.  WSO can
register domains for $20 per year with no hype or selling of
your personal information.

You could lose your customer service. Once your domain is
transferred to another registrar, your current provider will
not be able to provide customer support for your domain. 

Who is running these "scams"?

We have reports from our clients that they are receiving notices
from VeriSign and a company calling themselves Domain Registry
of America/Canada. We have also heard reports of similar notices
being sent by and others. 

VeriSign/Network Solutions

Network Solutions (recently purchased by VeriSign) was once the
only registrar for .com/.net/.org domains. VeriSign are losing
customers at an alarming rate, losing over 3 million domains
over the first quarter of 2002!

If you use WSO as your domain registration agent, you will
receive a notice via e-mail 60, 30, and 5 days before the domain
is about to expire. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail
address listed under the Billing Contact Information on the
domain registration.  The e-mail will be sent from

If you are unsure about a renewal notice you receive or would
like information on transferring or registering a new domain,
please send us a message to

Thank you to DomainScams for much of the above information.

-> ARTICLE #2: WSO's Opinion on Windows XP =====================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

The verdict on Windows XP?  It is good.

It seems extremely stable compared to Windows 98se. The main
thing that you'll notice is that you can basically have as many
programs open at one time as you wish, without having to worry
about system resources and crashes.

You'll also notice that your system will probably run faster.
The software is coded faster and the drivers for your hardware
are usually faster as well.

We've even installed it on an old Gateway 2200 laptop with a
standard Pentium 166 with 80 MBs of memory and it actually works
fine, a little slow, but fine.  This machine is slower than the
minimum requirements for Windows XP, but it still worked.

If you can swing it, get Windows XP Pro, not the Home version.
Just save yourself the hassle of the forced registration
process. Then install it as a fresh install, only upgrade as
a last resort.

And as always, once you get XP installed and on-line, go to
the Microsoft Windows Update site and install them all.

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