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WSO Newsletter - June 2001

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
June 2001                                             ISSUE: 045

-> Highlights
        1. Server Software Upgrades
        2. Microsoft® FrontPage® version 2002 Upgrade
        3. Get Past Billing Info

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        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> ARTICLE #1: Server Software Upgrades ========================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Accounts =============================

Over the last two weeks we've been upgrading our server software
to use the newest and/or best versions available. Below is a
summary of the packages we upgraded, including the previous
version and the new version installed now.

FrontPage: v4.0.2.2717 (FP2000) to v5.0.2.2623 (FP2002)
Mysql    : v3.23.32 to v3.23.39
PHP      : v4.0.4pl1 to v4.0.5
SSH      : v2.3 to v2.4
Qpopper  : v3.1.2 to v4.0.3
NcFTPd   : v2.6.3 to v2.7.0
Apache   : v1.3.9 to v1.3.20
ApacheSSL: v1.3.9 to v1.3.20

-> ARTICLE #2: FrontPage 2002 Upgrade ==========================
---> Relevant for FrontPage WSO Customers ======================

Recently we upgraded our FrontPage server extensions from 2000
to 2002. This makes them compatible with the version of
FrontPage that comes with Office XP, but maintains backward
compatibility with FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 98.

A few snags have arisen out of the FrontPage upgrade and if you
are affected, please let us know.  Some accounts may not have
been upgraded, although we made every effort to do so.

Also, if you use the free shared secure server that we offer
( or another  variant like in conjunction with a FrontPage hit
counter, web form, or other FrontPage "active component," you
may have trouble with them now.

We've done some patch-work to re-enable FrontPage created web
forms, but there are still problems with confirmation pages.
Again, only through the shared secure servers.

The main problem is that the internal processing of the 2002
extensions is different than the 2000 extensions and thus
getting them to work through a shared secure server has proven
quite tricky.

Some facts to note:

1. If you have your own secure certificate for your domain,
you should not have any problems using the 2002 extensions
through your secure server.

2. Most Unix based web hosts do not even offer FrontPage
extensions though ANY secure server. We developed an
exclusive system to allow them to be used not only through
a regular secure server, but also through a shared secure
server. This is something no other host has offered, to the
best of our knowledge.

Unfortunately, Microsoft may have changed the extensions for
2002 so significantly that use through a shared secure server
may no longer be possible.  We are still investigating, and

3. This is not an installation problem on WSO's end. The
2002 extensions are installed and working great, just as they
should. It is the extra shared secure server technology that
is currently not working correctly.

4. All versions, including 2002, of the FrontPage extensions
for Unix based servers lack some features. This is how
Microsoft designed them. Be assured, every feature that is
available through the Unix version of the extensions is
currently working as it should.

Please review your pages and let us know if you are having
problems. We want to work with you to develop a universal
solution for all WSO customers.

-> ARTICLE #3: Get Past Billing Info ===========================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Ever wonder about past billings? You can see your past billing
history in the WSO SupportCenter. Once you log in, click on
View Billing Records from the first menu.

You'll see the Current Address on File, Current Credit Card Info
on File (if you pay by credit card), and a detailed description
of ALL past charges. Below that there is a key describing all of
the codes used in the detailed listing. We never display your
entire credit card number for security purposes.

If you do not have the View Billing Records option in your
SupportCenter, e-mail us ( about getting a free
account update to one of our newer servers.

If you have questions, please e-mail:

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