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WSO Newsletter - June 2000

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
JUNE 2000                                             ISSUE: 033

-> Highlights
        1. WSO Link Referral Program
        2. Free PowerMailbox Utility
        3. Transferring Your Domain Registration to WSO
        4. E-mail Sending Problems and Your ISP

-> Useful WSO Links
        Newsletter Back Issues -
        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> ARTICLE #1: WSO Link Referral Program =======================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

WSO is a relatively small web hosting company.  We rely on
practical, common-sense business practices to keep customers
satisfied.  One of the benefits of our high satisfaction rate is
that many of you refer your friends and colleagues to WSO for
their web hosting needs.

For some time we have offered referral credits to current
customers for sending new business to WSO.  But often it is hard
to track referrals because the new customer is required to
specifically mention you (or your web site) in the sign-up form.
We've just changed all of that.

Now there is a simple system in place to help track your
referrals, and it is so easy to use that even an inexperienced
web designer can implement it within minutes (really).

We've created a whole new section in the WSO SupportCenter
dedicated to the WSO Referral Program.  To get there, log into
the WSO SupportCenter -
Then click on "Referral Program." If you need help getting into
the SupportCenter, please e-mail

Here you will find instructions, examples, banner ads, and other
materials that you can use on your web pages for linking to WSO.
The new area even tracks your past referrals and will provide
details on your referral link activity.

It is so simple to get involved in the referral program. You can
easily earn enough to pay your entire web hosting bill with just
a few referrals.

If you have ANY questions, comments, or suggestions please

-> ARTICLE #2: Free PowerMailbox Utility =======================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

If you have been a WSO customer for any significant length of
time you probably realize we aren't like other hosting services.
Others bombard you with offers from other companies through
e-mail, regular mail, and newsletters.  They often sell your
e-mail address to other companies as well.  We do not do this.

But, when a great offer comes along that could benefit our
customers, we want you to know about it.  That is where
PowerMailbox comes in, an entirely web-based e-mail list
and marketing solution.

From the PowerMailbox web site: "PowerMailbox is an e-mail
marketing and customer service solution that makes communicating
with your customers fast, simple, and affordable."

WSO is pleased to offer you this great new service that can help
you increase sales, deliver the right message to the right
customer with personalized promotions, track real-time reaction
to your marketing campaigns, respond effectively to inbound
e-mail with One Click Answer and customer history, plus it is
extremely user friendly.

WSO has contracted to include PowerMailbox (normally $10/month)
as part of ALL WSO hosting account packages -- at no extra cost
to you! As an added incentive to try PowerMailbox, sign up now
and you will be automatically entered to win one of 25,
$1,000.00 prizes.

Please use this link to sign-up for a PowerMailbox at no cost:

PowerMailbox is created and supported by Dialog Software, Inc.
Help is built right into the PowerMailbox interface and should
provide you with all the assistance you need to fully utilize
the web-based software. Specific usage questions about
PowerMailbox should not be directed to WSO. Instead make use of
the on-line help or send a support question to them directly
at  If you are having trouble signing
up, let us know.

Please remember, you can only send e-mail to people who have
requested it. DO NOT send unsolicited e-mails or you will
jeopardize your PowerMailbox account and your WSO web hosting

-> ARTICLE #3: Transferring Your Domain Registration to WSO ====
---> Relevant for ALL WSO Customers ============================

Last month we talked about how WSO can now register domain names
for only $20 per month, instead of $35 through Network
Solutions.  What we forgot to mention is that you can have your
already registered domains transferred to WSO as well.

At any time you can transfer your domain name (that has already
been registered somewhere else) over to WSO. You will be charged
$20 and your domain name registration will be extended by one
year.  So, you don't have to wait until your domain comes up for
renewal to make the switch.

Soon we will have a web based interface for signing up or
transferring domain names to the WSO registration service. Until
then, please e-mail your requests to

-> ARTICLE #4: E-mail Sending Problems and Your ISP ============
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD, CP accounts ======================

WSO provides SMTP mail services for its customers.  The way it
works is that you first must check your e-mail account before
you are allowed to send e-mail through our system. This verifies
that you are a WSO customer and not a spammer. As long as you do
this, you are able to WSO's SMTP service.  At least once a day
you will be required to check your mail again to reauthenticate.

In some cases, your ISP may require that you use *their* SMTP
server.  For example, we reported in the past that Mindspring
started blocking port 25, which means you could only use their
SMTP (outgoing) mail server to send mail, not your WSO SMTP

So, instead of using for the SMTP setting in
your e-mail program, you have to use ''. It
should be noted that you don't have to change the "reply" or
"return" address to your Mindspring account, just set it to
whatever you want the FROM address to be in the e-mails you are

Now that Earthlink and Mindspring have merged, Earthlink
recently began the same policy of blocking port 25.  So, if you
are an Earthlink user, you must use their SMTP server,
'' instead of your WSO SMTP server. This does
not affect the way your mail looks to those you are sending
it to, they will not know the difference.

Other people may be experiencing the same problem. The symptoms
look like this: the e-mail never actually sends, it comes
back with a 550 error and says something like "relaying denied."

If you are seeing errors like this when you try to send e-mail,
check with your ISP and find out what their SMTP server name is
and use that in your e-mail program instead. The problem should
go away immediately.

Often your ISP's e-mail server can be more responsive and faster
because it is located closer to you on the network. So even if
you are not required to use your ISP's SMTP server, you may want
to consider using it anyway.

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    the Internet Outlet

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