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WSO Newsletter - October 1999

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
OCTOBER 1999                                          ISSUE: 025

-> Highlights
        1. Web and Secure Server Upgraded
        2. Budget Commerce Accounts Upgraded
        3. Multiple Account Discount Reminder
        4. Referral Credit Reminder
-> Useful WSO Links
        Newsletter Back Issues -
        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document
        FPO - FP Only
        NV - Non-Virtual
        BC - Budget Commerce
        VD - Virtual Domain
        CP - Commerce Plus

-> ARTICLE #1: Web and Secure Server Upgraded ==================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO customers ============================

We've upgraded our Apache web server software and our Secure
Server software to the most recent and stable version, v1.3.9.

This version of Apache is the fastest and most stable version
ever released, providing the highest quality web page serving.

-> ARTICLE #2: Budget Commerce Accounts Upgraded ===============
---> Relevant BC Accounts ======================================

As you may know, users of our Budget Commerce accounts share
a "mall" installation of the Miva Merchant software. Each
customer has a "store" in the mall.

We have upgraded the mall software to the latest version, 1.2.5.

You can see a history of the updates and changes here to the
Miva Merchant software here:

The upgrade also includes our WSO Enhanced features that were
outlined in last months newsletter.  They are listed here again
for your convenience:

- Automatically sends an e-mail confirmation/receipt to the
  customer, not just the store owner.

- "Quantity In Basket" text now turns RED when non-zero, this
  helps user see a product was added

- Product images are now clickable, linking to the products
  details page.

- Nicer layout for products in the product category and detail

- Display "Add One to Basket" and "Buy One Now" buttons as
  graphics, not gray buttons. This helps to keep customers from
  pushing them more than once, it also looks better.

- If shipping weight of a product is zero, the shipping weight
  is not displayed in the product details description.

- UPS module correction to handle +4 zip extension.

Commerce Plus users who wish to have the new upgrade should
read about the details in last months' WSO Newsletter:

-> ARTICLE #3: Multiple Account Discount Reminder ==============
---> Relevant FPO, NV, BC, VD, CP Accounts =====================

We offer discounts when you purchase multiple account from WSO.

FP Only Accounts:
   1st Account: $6.95/month
   Each FP Only After 1st: $5.95/month

Non-Virtual Accounts:
   1st Account: $9.95/month
   Each Non-Virtual After 1st: $7.95/month

Budget Commerce Accounts:
   1st Account: $18.95/month
   Each Budget Commerce After 1st: $15.95/month

Virtual Domain Accounts:
   1st Account: $34.95/month
   Next Two Virtual Domains After 1st: $29.95/month
   All Virtual Domains After 3rd: $24.95/month

Commerce Plus Accounts:
   1st Account: $49.95/month
   Next Two Commerce Plus Accounts After 1st: $44.95/month
   All Commerce Plus Accounts After 3rd: $39.95/month

A more expensive account counts toward qualifying for a
discount on a lower priced account. For Example:

If you own three Commerce Plus accounts and you purchased a
Virtual Domain account, it would cost $24.95/month.

Likewise, if you own one Non-Virtual account and purchased
an FP Only account, it would only cost $5.95/month.

There are some rules to quality for this discount.  The contact
and billing information for each account must be the same,
otherwise you will be given the one time referral credit
instead.  Also, if you are buying an account for resale to
another customer, you become the technical contact for that
customer, they should not contact us directly for tech support.

When ordering a new account that you feel qualifies for a
multiple account discount, make a note in the comments area
of the order form regarding the issue.  Also, please note
that the order form will not show the discount while you are
placing the order, but you will receive it when we actually
process the new order.

-> ARTICLE #4: Referral Credit Reminder ========================
---> Relevant FPO, NV, BC, VD, CP Accounts =====================

The WSO Referral Program rewards current WSO users that refer
others who choose WSO as their web host.  The program is simple
to understand...

Refer a Virtual Domain customer and you receive $34.95 in credit
toward your next account renewal.  Refer a Budget Commerce
customer and receive $18.95 in credit.  Refer a Non-Virtual or
FrontPage Only customer and receive $9.95 or $6.95 respectively
in credit. Referrals for Commerce Plus accounts only receive the
Virtual Domain referral credit of $34.95.

We credit your account an amount equal to the single month fee
of the account type your referral purchases... whew!
We've setup a web page about the WSO Referral Program, please
check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

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    the Internet Outlet

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You are viewing an archive copy of our old web site.
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