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WSO Newsletter - September 1999

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
SEPTEMBER 1999                                        ISSUE: 024

-> Highlights
        1. More Disk Space for WSO Accounts
        2. Anti-Spam & ISP's
        3. Miva Merchant Upgrades and Exclusive WSO Features
-> Useful WSO Links
        Newsletter Back Issues -
        Referral Program -
        Tech Support -

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document
        FPO - FP Only
        NV - Non-Virtual
        BC - Budget Commerce
        VD - Virtual Domain
        CP - Commerce Plus

-> ARTICLE #1: More Disk Space for WSO Accounts ================
---> Relevant for ALL WSO customers ============================

As a thank you to all of our present and future WSO customers,
we are increasing the allotted disk space for all accounts. The
breakdown is below.

FP Only - 5 MBs (was 3)
Non-Virtual - 5 MBs (was 3)
Budget Commerce - 12 MBs (was 10)
Virtual Domain - 25 MBs (was 20)
Commerce Plus - 30 MBs (was 25)

One concern we'd like to express is the tendency to let your
account reach its disk space limit just "because you can".
Please be kind and remove old, unused files, and old log
files, etc... Also do not use your WSO disk space as storage for
downloaded Internet software.  Your account space is intended to
be used for files connected to the operation of a web site or
other Internet featured service.  If you have any questions or
would like advice on how to reduce your disk space usage, please
contact us at:

-> ARTICLE #2: Anti-Spam & ISP's ===============================
---> Relevant NV, BC, VD, CP Accounts ==========================

There is a new trend on the Internet and your ISP may be
involved.  It concerns Spam (or unsolicited e-mail) and may
affect how you send mail.

Companies such as ATT Worldnet and Mindspring are now requiring
that you use their outgoing SMTP mail servers.  What this means
is you have to SEND mail out through your ISP's mail server and
GET (POP) mail from another server, like your WSO POP account.
This is also known as blocking port 25.

For example, if you have a Non-Virtual account at WSO, and you
dial-up through Mindspring, your SMTP server would be but your POP Server would be ''.

You can read more about Mindsprings' policy here:

If you find you can GET mail from you WSO account, but can't
seem to SEND it, call your ISP and ask the name of their
outgoing SMTP server.  Then use that in your e-mail program, it
should take care of the problem.

-> ARTICLE #3: Miva Merchant Upgrades and Exclusive WSO Features
---> Relevant NV, BC, VD, CP Accounts ==========================

The new version of Miva Merchant is out, v1.25. It fixes many
small bugs and adds new features.  You can see a history of
the updates and changes here:

Compare your current version and see if you'd like to make an
upgrade to v1.25.  As a WSO customer you are also able to use
our exclusive modified v1.25. It contains features not found in
the regular version, these include:

- Automatically send an e-mail confirmation/receipt to the
  customer, not just store owner.

- "Quantity In Basket" text now turns RED when non-zero, this
  helps user see a product was added

- Make product images clickable

- Nicer layout for products in the product category and detail

- Display "Add One to Basket" and "Buy One Now" buttons as
  graphics, not gray buttons. This helps to keep customers from
  pushing them more than once, it also looks better.

- UPS module correction to handle +4 zip extension.

All WSO Miva Merchant users are eligible for this FREE upgrade,
except if the user has customized the actual CODE of their
Miva Merchant software.  In this case, we can make the upgrade
but you would be responsible for adding back in any customized
changes to the new v1.25 code.

WSO customers with special 3rd party modules should check with
the module developer to confirm that it is v1.25 compatible
and if any special care is needed for upgrading.

Upgrades to our shared Miva Merchant installations (Budget
Commerce users) will be made soon.  You will be notified via

We are not responsible for loss of catalog data during upgrade.
But, of course, backups are always made before any upgrade.

The upgrade is fully tested on standard Miva Merchant systems.
Upgrades that have special requirements will be charged an
upgrade fee (negotiated on a per situation basis).

The Miva Merchant manual has been totally overhauled! The new
beefy, 99 page manual is available here:

You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read and print it. As always, we
suggest you print the manual and have it coil bound at a local
copy shop, then read it!

(c) Copyright 1995-1999, All Rights Reserved
    the Internet Outlet

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