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WSO Newsletter - September 1998

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
SEPTEMBER 1998                                        ISSUE: 012

-> Highlights

        1. Bandwidth Provider Change on 9/13/98
        2. IMPORTANT: IP Address Changes!
        3. Retrieve Form Results Securely with "SecureView"

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document:
        FPO - FrontPageŽ Only
        NV - Non-Virtual
        BC - Budget Commerce
        VD - Virtual Domain

-> ARTICLE #1: Bandwidth Provider Change =======================
---> Relevant for All account types ============================

On Sunday September 13, 1998 we will be changing our current
bandwidth providers to two new providers. We will be using two
new DS3 lines (T3's) from UUnet and Savvis with a third DS3
coming in the not so distant future. We feel these companies
provide better overall network "coverage" than our current CWIX
and Goodnet lines.

The new DS3 lines will be banded together using Border Gateway
Protocol (BGP). BGP will analyze the destination of outgoing
data and choose the best route between the UUnet and Savvis DS3
lines. This can significantly increase overall throughput.

The changeover is scheduled for between 4am and 8am Sunday
morning. There may be intermittent downtime throughout the day
during the change over.  We apologize in advance for any
inconvenience this may cause.  We think the future benefits far
outweigh a little downtime.

-> ARTICLE #2: IMPORTANT: IP Address Changes! ==================
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD ===================================

Because of the upcoming upgrades to our network and network
bandwidth providers, some of your IP addresses will be changing.

In most cases this will not affect you in any way. But some more
advanced users may be using their IP address directly in CGI
scripts or within web pages. If you only use your domain name
when referencing your WSO account (as most people do), you
should not need to make any changes to your web pages or scripts
at all.

FrontPage Only customers will not be affected at all by this
change. Only customers who are explicitly using their IP address
number within their web pages or scripts will be affected.

We will be individually contacting each customer by e-mail who
may be affected by the IP address change.

-> ARTICLE #3: Retrieve Form Results Securely with "SecureView"
---> Relevant for NV, BC, VD  ==================================

Our latest addition to the WSO SupportCenter is the "SecureView"
utility. It gives WSO users the ability to securely view the
contents of a text file, even if you don't own a secure
certificate! The file you wish to view must be located within
your web space area. Unfortunately this utility is not available
to customers who have FrontPage Only accounts.

SecureView can work in conjunction with a modified form
processing script ( that has been installed in your
personal 'cgibin' directory.  Documentation on how to call and
use this modified script is in the Tech Support area under
"Available CGI's". The modified form processing script works the
same as the one located in our shared 'cgi-bin' directory except
that the results of the form are saved to a unique text file in
your 'cgibin' directory.  In addition, an e-mail is sent to the
recipient of the form letting them know that data has been

The notification e-mail will contain the location of the text
file that holds the form results. Because of permission
settings, this file can not be viewed from a browser directly
and only you can look at it. So even if an outsider were to
know the name of the results file, they still would not be able
to view it without having access to your personal WSO

Once you know the name and location of the results file you can
log into the WSO SupportCenter and use SecureView to get the
results of the form.  Look for the SecureView located under the
"General Utilities" section.

Using SecureView in combination with our modified form
processing script creates a fully encrypted solution from the
submission of form data, to the retrieval of the data to your
desktop. This is important when getting sensitive data like
credit card information! Pervious methods sent the data through
insecure e-mail.

It should be noted that SecureView can be used to securely view
the contents of ANY text file located in your directory
structure, not just the results of a form submission.

We believe SecureView is a unique feature not offered by other
web hosting companies and we've included it free with our
accounts. FrontPage Only accounts are not included because of
inherent limitations in the structure of the account, not
because of an administrative decision.

(c) Copyright 1998 - the Internet Outlet

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