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WSO Newsletter - July 1998

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================
              h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t
JULY 1998                                             ISSUE: 010

-> Highlights

	1. Official Name and Acronym
	2. Thawte Certificate Rollover
	3. Web Error Log Availability
	4. New WSO SupportCenter Features
	5. New Credit Card Update or Payment Form

	NEXT TIME: New Account Invoicing...

-> The following abbreviations are used in this document:
	FPO - FrontPageŽ Only
	NV - Non-Virtual
	BC - Budget Commerce
	VD - Virtual Domain

-> ARTICLE #1: Official Name and Acronym =======================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

Some of you may have noticed that at the bottom of every page on
our web site the name "the Internet Outlet" appears. This sounds
a lot like "the Web Space Outlet."  The Web Space Outlet is a
division of the parent company, the Internet Outlet.

the Internet Outlet web site appears at:

The Internet Outlet has other divisions, one of which is a new
division called  We will be giving you more
information about POSonline soon.

You are probably reading this newsletter because you are a
Web Space Outlet customer.  In most informal situations we will
refer to "the Web Space Outlet" simply as WSO, feel free to do
the same.

Some of our newer customers may be wondering about the other
Non-Virtual domain we offer, ''.  '' was based on
a previous company name and since we had established customers
using the name, and the fact that the name is still very
popular, we continue offer it for use today.

-> ARTICLE #2: Thawte Secure Certificate Rollover ==============
---> Relevant for FPO, NV, BC, Some VD =========================

With this newsletter we are forwarding a letter from the
President of Thawte, our secure certificate provider. Virtual
Domain customers using their own Thawte secure certificate have
already been notified.  FrontPage Only, Non-Virtual, and Budget
Commerce customers share our Thawte certificates. Therefor these
customers should expect to receive the forwarded e-mail from

This letter outlines the upcoming July 27th, 1998 root
certificate rollover.  Full details will be included in the

If you are a Virtual Domain customer who does not own your own
Thawte secure certificate, or you have one of our other account
types but do not use SSL (https), then this rollover does not
affect you in any way.

-> ARTICLE #3: Web Error Log Availability ======================
---> Relevant for ALL account types ============================

Many of you have expressed a desire to have individual access to
your web error logs.  We have obliged by providing individual
error logs for each account in the same way your regular web
logs are provided.

Your web log analysis now also includes an error report summary
that breaks down the type of errors that have occurred.  Errors
can be caused by missing graphics, hyperlinks to pages that
don't exist, and even a user pressing the browser stop button
causes a "lost connection" error.

Please note that only Virtual Domain accounts will have "lost
connection" type entries.  This information is not available to
other account types.

New options have been added to the WSO SupportCenter (under the
"Change your web log rotation settings" option) for controlling
your error logs. By default your error logs are rotated at the
same time as your regular logs.  You may individually choose
whether you would like to keep the error logs compressed or
uncompress (for viewing purposes).  More details can be found
in the WSO SupportCenter.

-> ARTICLE #4: New WSO SupportCenter Features ==================
---> Relevant for ALL account types  ===========================

Again this month we have added a few more features to the WSO

1. All account types now have even more control over their log
processing settings.  This includes new options for error log
handling and the ability to selectively keep your logs
compressed or uncompressed.

2. Users can now list ALL Tech Support articles sequentially
on one page.  You can print this composite Tech Support page
as a "WSO Manual".  But remember, we are always upgrading
and adding new Tech Support articles.

3. The "Request Report" in your cumulative logs analysis now
correctly hyperlinks to each listed resource.

4. Logs are now analyzed at 5:00am EST/EDT while CPU usage is
normally quite low.

-> ARTICLE #5: New Credit Card Update or Payment Form ==========
---> Relevant for ALL account types  ===========================

A new secure, on-line form is now available on our Order
Services page at:

The new form allows customers to submit secure, on-time credit
card payments and doubles as a credit card information update

(c) Copyright 1998 - the Internet Outlet


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