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Recent News - October 1997

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======================>  WSO Newsletter  <======================              
               h t t p : / / w w w . w s o . n e t        
OCTOBER 1997                                          ISSUE: 001

-> Highlights
	1. Welcome!
	2. New Name, Same Service...
	3. Kool Kommerce Katalog, K?
	4. SSI (Server Side Includes)

	NEXT TIME: Htmlscript, Real Audio, and more!

-> ARTICLE #1: Welcome to Our Premier Issue ====================
-----> Relevant for ALL accounts ===============================

Welcome to the premier issue of the Web Space Outlet Newsletter.
This will be a monthly newsletter for the customers of the Web
Space Outlet.

It will focus on getting the most out of your account, tips &
tricks, frequently asked questions, and special promotions.

We'll try to keep the reading to a minimum and the focus clear.


PS: Let us know what you think...

-> ARTICLE #2: Our New Name! ===================================
-----> Relevant for ALL accounts ===============================

You may have noticed that our main company name has changed to
the Internet Outlet.  The Web Space Outlet division will remain
the same.  We are also planning on launching a new division
called the Web Design Outlet sometime early next year.

Since we already have established Non-Virtual accounts using the
'' domain name, we will continue to offer it for use. In
addition, customers will be able to choose to store their pages
under the '' domain name.  Obviously, this does not
affect Virtual Domain customers.

If you're currently using the '' domain name and wish to
switch to '', there is a $10.00 switching fee.

-> ARTICLE #3: KoolCat Shopping Cart System ====================
-----> Relevant for ALL accounts  ==============================

Do you have a small business? Want to sell products on the
Internet but think it's too expensive?  Read on.

Introducing KoolCat. The affordable and full featured shopping
cart solution.  We have an exclusive agreement with the
Htmlscript corporation, makers of KoolCat, which allows us to
offer this outstanding software for only $100.  That's $150 off!
This is a limited time offer.

Read more about it here:

-> ARTICLE #4: Server Side Includes (SSI) ======================
-----> Relevant for ALL accounts  ==============================

Server side includes are a powerful feature of the Apache 1.2
web server (which we use).  SSI lets you include the contents
of one file (or even the output of a CGI) within another web

If you are a Non-Virtual account owner, the following will work
automatically. If you are a Virtual Domain customer, you must
create a text file in your root directory called '.htaccess'.
Use a text editor like Notepad.

In this file place the following line:

XBitHack full

Make sure to upload it in ASCII mode.  WS_FTP will probably try
to upload it in BINARY, so make sure to choose ASCII and shut
off AUTO.  These choices are at the bottom of the WS_FTP screen.

The most frequent use of SSI is to add a standard "footer" to
the bottom of each of your web pages, without having to include
the footer code in each page. Instead a line like the following
would be used where you want your footer:

<!--#include virtual="footer.htm" -->

Where "footer.htm" is the name of the file that contains the
HTML of the footer you wish to appear in your web page.
'footer.htm' must reside in the same directory as the calling
page for this example.

To make SSI work, the server must know to look for these 
special lines of code.  So, you must either make your web page
end with the extension .shtml -OR- turn on the EXECUTE bit of the
file permissions. This is called using the Xbit Hack.

In telnet this command would be: chmod 744 filename.htm

From WS_FTP, choose the file, then right click on the file and
choose 'chmod (UNIX)' from the menu.  Then under Owner, check

Setting the Group Execute bit to ON also allows the pages to be
cached by browsers.  Thus, the server doesn't have to re-
include the called pages.  This works very well for things like
footers, but is not good for pages that include the output of
a CGI program, or other possibly changing output. The telnet
command would be: chmod 754 filename.htm

More details on SSI can be found at the Apache web site:

(c) Copyright 1997 - the Internet Outlet

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